Fair Game (1995)

Fair Game poster

Warner Bros.
 Cindy Crawford, William Baldwin
Directed by: Andrew Sipes

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Kate McQuean (Cindy Crawford) is a civil law attorney who suddenly finds herself the target of assassins and is protected by Det. Max Kirkpatrick (William Baldwin).

Kitty Cameo: Kate returns home not realizing how serious the threat against her really is. She is seen giving her orange tabby cat a saucer of milk.

Fair Game - orange tabby cat drinking milk from bowl

Kate then walks out onto the balcony before turning back and asking the cat, “You wanna watch Headline News with me?” The cat meows and turns, scurrying away from her. “No?” Kate asks, amused. “It’s not gonna kill ya.” She then presses the button on the remote control and the television explodes, sending her flying over the balcony. We assume the cat was killed in the explosion but the cat is not mentioned again.

Fair Game - orange tabby cat standing by saucer on floor

Fair Game - orange tabby cat looking away

Final Mewsings: What kind of sick killers blow up a cat?

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