Trash Cat (2015)

Directed by: Kelsey Goldych

Synopsis: A girl has to deal with a pet cat who likes to knock over trash cans.

Cartoon Cat: This very clever short finds a girl lying on her bed. Her cat comes in and knocks over her trash can.

Trash Cat - cat knocks over garbage can as girl on bed looks

The girl angrily leaves the room and the cat gets up on the computer desk.

Trash Cat - cat on bed looks at girl with trash can

Trash Cat - cat jumps up on computer desk

When the cat sits on the keyboard it is zapped into the computer where it explores the windows and jumps around.

Trash Cat - cat sits on computer keyboard

Trash Cat - cat on computer screen

We won’t spoil the ending because it is just too cute not to experience yourself. And stick around through the credits for a bonus little joke.

Trash Cat - cat on computer screen

Trash Cat - cat on computer screen with trash can

Final Mewsings: Cats and computers often don’t mix.

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