Charlotte’s Web (1973)

Charlotte's Web poster

Hanna-Barbera Productions
 Debbie Reynolds, Paul Lynde
Directed by: Charles Nichols, Iwao Takamoto

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Animated adaptation of E.B. White’s beloved novel about a pig named Wilbur (voiced by Henry Gibson) who is befriended by a clever spider named Charlotte (voiced by Debbie Reynolds).

Cartoon Cat: At one point in the film Charlotte holds a meeting with the animals of the barnyard, but Templeton the rat (voiced by Paul Lynde) refuses to attend. Charlotte sees a way of getting back at him when she spots a gray cat sneaking towards Wilbur’s pen.

Charlotte's Web - gray cat sneaking towards pig pen

When Templeton emerges from his hole beneath Wilbur’s trough, Charlotte suggests he check by the fence, saying that farm hand Lurvy dropped half a sandwich there. The cat watches from behind the slats around the pen.

Charlotte's Web - gray cat looking through slats into pig pen

Templeton approaches the fence then darts away as the cat leaps over, trying to get him.

Charlotte's Web - gray cat looking through slats into pig pen

Charlotte's Web - gray cat jumping into pig pen

Templeton barely manages to get back to his hole as the cat lunges face first into the trough, knocking itself silly before stalking away angrily.

Charlotte's Web - gray cat leaping after Templeton who is jumping into hole

Charlotte's Web - gray cat slamming into pig trough

Charlotte's Web - gray cat loopy after hitting trough

Charlotte's Web - angry gray cat looking back at trough

Final Mewsings: Cats appreciate spiders who try to sacrifice rats to them.

Many thanks to Nick Wale for reminding us of the cat in this film!

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