Arnold (1973)

Arnold poster

Bing Crosby Productions
 Stella Stevens, Elsa Lanchester
Directed by: Georg Fenady

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A young woman named Karen (Stella Stevens) marries the wealthy older Arnold (Norman Stuart) and vows to be loyal to him even when he starts to exact revenge on those who have wronged him. Oh, and Arnold happens to be a corpse.

Featured Feline: A black cat named Pussycat appears quite a bit throughout the film, being the loving pet of Arnold’s sister Hester (Elsa Lanchester). Pussycat first appears at the beginning when he is seen chasing a crow in a graveyard.

Arnold - black cat in graveyard

Arnold - black cat looking up at raven in graveyard

Arnold - black cat meowing in graveyard

Pussycat is usually seen in the arms of Hester, who carries him through much of the movie.

Arnold - Hester Elsa Lanchester carrying black cat down stairs

Arnold - Hester Elsa Lanchester hugging black cat

Arnold - Hester Elsa Lanchester holding black cat and urn

During the reading of Arnold’s will a blackout occurs. As candles are lit, Pussycat hisses fiercely as he sits on top of Arnold.

Arnold - black cat hissing on casket

Pussycat is missing from much of the proceedings until the death of solicitor Douglas Whitehead (Patric Knowles) when the cat manages to drag around the man’s severed leg.

Arnold - black cat sniffing at leg

Arnold - black cat pulling at leg

We won’t spoil the ending but we will say that when all is said and done Pussycat finally gets the raven in the graveyard.

Arnold - black cat in graveyard with Jonesy and Hester

Arnold - black cat on bench in graveyard close

Arnold - black cat on bench in graveyard

Pussycat is even represented in cartoon on one of the original posters for the film.

Arnold - segment of poster with drawing of black cat

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t mind eating crow.

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