Major Payne (1995)

Major Payne DVD

Universal Pictures
 Damon Wayans
Directed by: Nick Castle

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains a spoiler for this film!

Synopsis: A ruthless Marine named Major Benson Payne (Damon Wayans) finds himself assigned to an ROTC class full of misfit boys.

Kitty Cameo: Near the beginning of the film Major Payne is lying in a room bemoaning his dismissal from active service in the Marines in a scene that spoofs Apocalypse Now. He longs to kill and spots a rat in the corner. He is next seen cooking the rat and is about to eat it when a black cat appears in the window. Payne hisses at the cat and scares it away.

Major Payne - black cat in window

Major Payne - Damon Wayans scaring away black cat in window animated gif

Final Mewsings: The cat didn’t want the rat that badly anyway!

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