Hell Cat (2011)

Hell Cat poster

New Irish Screen
 Amy Stephenson, Shane Langan
Also Starring: Lila Leslie
Directed by: Ged Murray

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Charlotte (Amy Stephenson) is thrilled when her cat Charlie’s video of him saying “I Love You” gets over four million hits, but after demanding him to say it over and over Charlie starts to say other not so nice things.

Featured Feline: Charlie is a gray cat (played by cat actor Lila Leslie) whose meow sounds like “I love you” (Charlie’s voice was actually provided by Nora Kelly Lester).

Hell Cat - gray cat Charlie sitting by food bowl

Charlotte’s boyfriend Jamie (Shane Langan) is as about fed up as Charlie is with Charlotte constantly asking him to “Say it, Charlie!” in a high pitched voice. Charlie says it to Charlotte but when she wants him to say it to Jamie he just hisses.

Hell Cat - gray cat Charlie sitting on couch with Charlotte Amy Stephenson and Jamie Shane Langan

Hell Cat - Charlotte Amy Stephenson holding up gray cat Charlie to Jamie Shane Langan

Things get even darker when Charlie starts to leave dead birds for Charlotte, trying to get his point across. Charlie’s affectionate words start to sound more like “I hate you.”

Hell Cat - gray cat Charlie looking angry

Hell Cat - Happy Charlotte Amy Stephenson holding gray cat Charlie

Hell Cat - confused Charlotte Amy Stephenson holding angry gray cat Charlie

Eventually Charlie snaps altogether and threatens to kill Charlotte.

Hell Cat - gray cat Charlie in dark on video camera

Hell Cat - gray cat Charlie in dark

Kitty Carnage Warning! Let’s just say Charlie does not fare well in this short.

Hell Cat - gray cat Charlie listening on phone

Final Mewsings: Stop trying to make your cats into internet stars!

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