Lazy Days (1929)

Hal Roach Studios
 Allen ‘Farina’ Hoskins, Jannie Hoskins
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: Farina is too lazy to do much of anything on a hot day, including taking his little brother to be in a baby contest.

Cat Burglars (Scene Stealers): Several lazy and tired animals are seen in the first half of this short, including a tabby cat which is sitting with a baby chick on its head.

Our Gang - Lazy Days - tabby cat with chick on head

Our Gang - Lazy Days - tabby cat with chick on head animated gif

There are also two tabby kittens which are first seen drinking some water or milk as a group of puppies below them try to join them.

Our Gang - Lazy Days - tabby kittens drinking from pan with puppies below

Farina asks his little sister Trellis (Jannie Hoskins) to rock his baby brother.  They have an elaborate system set up to do this.  Trellis takes the two tabby kittens and place them on pedastals on either side of a long box.  Pete is inside the box and there is a door that opens and closes on each side, depending on how the box is tilted.  Trellis encourages Pete to chase one kitten, then the other.  Pete runs back and forth, the door closing before he can reach the kitten on that side.

Our Gang - Lazy Days - Trellis Jannie Hoskins carrying kitten to pedastal in front of Pete in contraption

Our Gang - Lazy Days - kittens and Pete the Pup in cradle rocking machine animated gif

Final Mewsings: This was before there were animal labor laws.

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