Ada (1961)

Ada poster

Avon Productions (II)
 Susan Hayward, Dean Martin, Connie Sawyer
Directed by: Daniel Mann

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Former prostitute Ada Gillis (Susan Hayward) not only supports her new husband, Bo Gillis’ (Dean Martin) political ambitions but is willing to step in to cover for him when necessary.

Kitty Cameo: Near the end of the film Ada is called to a hotel by a former associate named Alice Sweet (Connie Sawyer). Alice is seen in her hotel room holding an enormous tuxedo cat.

Ada - Alice Sweet Connie Sawyer holding fat tuxedo cat

Ada - Alice Sweet Connie Sawyer still holding fat tuxedo cat

Alice sets the cat down before Ada enters. After Ada leaves, a man arrives (we won’t spoil who!) and Alice picks up the cat again.

Ada - Alice Sweet Connie Sawyer picks up fat tuxedo cat again

Final Mewsings: It would appear that politicians aren’t the only fat cats!

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