Felix Turns the Tide (1922)

Pat Sullivan Cartoons
Directed by:
 Otto Messmer

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Felix the Cat enlists in the cat army when rats declare war against their species.

Cartoon Cat: Surprisingly Felix now appears to work for the butcher, whose shop he has tried to gain access to in previous cartoons. The butcher shares the bad news in the paper that rats have declared war on cats.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix learns the news from the butcher

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix reads newspaper headline about rats declaring war on cats

Felix turns in his apron and goes to enlist in the cat army.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix gives his apron to the butcher

He first stops at the house of his girlfriend and shares the bad news with her.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix's girlfriend reads the news

He points out how all the other cats are flocking to sign up. His girlfriend envisions Felix as a hero and agrees to marry him upon his return.

Felix Turns the Tide - cats enlisting for war

Felix Turns the Tide - cats rushing into tent to enlist

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix's girlfriends envisions him as a hero

Once on the battlefield the General (who does Felix’s think walk instead) points out to Felix the many casualties a rat in a balloon is causing with his bombs.

Felix Turns the Tide - cat casualties on battlefield

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix tells General he'll fix the rat

Felix uses a cannon to shoot himself to the balloon and quickly dispatches the rat.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix dropping rat out of balloon

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix looking in balloon

Felix makes a quick getaway in the balloon but when he returns the cat casualties have increased by large numbers.

Felix Turns the Tide - multiple cat casualties on battlefield

Remembering that his friend the butcher promised him help, Felix quickly telegraphs the man.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix sends telegraph for help to the butcher

The butcher sends an army of hot dogs through the wireless and Felix leads them in an attack on the rat headquarters, winning the day.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix leads army of hot dogs

Felix returns home a hero.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix marches home a hero

The butcher then informs Felix that his fiancee has married his rival, but when he sees what kind of life his rival has with his wife and countless kids he has a good laugh.

Felix Turns the Tide - Felix's rival is a henpecked husband

Felix Turns the Tide - kittens marching between buildings

This is one of several Felix cartoons which were redrawn in color in 1973 and released under Radio and Television Packagers, Inc. (this cartoon was renamed The Inventor for some odd reason). Amazingly Felix is an orange cat in some of these remakes.

Felix Turns the Tide - redrawn Felix the cat orange

Final Mewsings: Cats are patriotic.

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