Pizzicato Pussycat (1955)

Warner Bros.
 Mel Blanc
Directed by: I. Freleng

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: A cat takes the credit for the musical prowess of a talented mouse.

Cartoon Cat: The nameless titular cat appears to be a stylized Siamese, although with orange coloring, blue eyes and a blue bow. We are introduced to the cat in the opening along with the mouse and the house they live in.

Pizzycato Pussycat - introductory drawing of cat

A husband and wife are sitting together with the cat sleeping nearby. The wife claims she has heard piano music when no one should be playing the instrument. A mouse with glasses sneaks to the piano to get some sheet music but the cat has spotted him.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat sleeping with one eye open

The cat easily catches the mouse after he loses his glasses. The cat confidently gives the glasses back and the polite mouse begs to be spared because he is a piano virtuoso.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat holding mouse with glasses

The cat laughs and retrieves the mouse’s tiny piano, as well as some very difficult sheet music, and tells him to play.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat with mouse and toy piano

The mouse startles the cat by actually playing extremely well!

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat looking shocked animated gif

The couple hear the music and come running. Not knowing what else to do, the cat places the mouse in the big piano and pretends to be playing.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat pretending to play the piano

The couple call the media and the cat becomes famous overnight.

Pizzycato Pussycat - Miracle Cat Plays Piano newspaper headline

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat signing contracts

At the cat’s first concert, he sneaks the mouse into the piano. He cues the mouse to play by tapping a piano key which hits the mouse on the head with the corresponding hammer. The cat gets overenthusiastic in his mimicry and actually falls off the piano bench.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat falling off piano bench animated gif

Impatiently the cat hits the key numerous times and ends up breaking the mouse’s glasses. Unable to see, the mouse plays badly and makes a fool of the cat and the couple.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat hitting piano key

Pizzycato Pussycat - Piano Playing Cat Exposed as Fraud newspaper headline

Later the cat is chasing the mouse around the house again and ends up banging on some drums.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat trying to hit mouse on drums

The cat realizes he can play and the mouse joins him for a jazz duet.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat playing drums

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat on drums and mouse on piano

The couple decides not to call the press again and just enjoy their musical pets instead.

Pizzycato Pussycat - cat holding cymbal

Final Mewsings: Is this how Keyboard Cat does it?

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