Prime (2005)

Prime poster

Universal Pictures
 Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg, Meryl Streep
Directed by: Ben Younger

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Rafi Gardet (Uma Thurman) is a 37 year old who falls for 23 year old David Bloomberg (Bryan Greenberg), not realizing that he is the son of her therapist (Meryl Streep).

Featured Feline: Rafi owns a tabby cat who is never addressed by name. Oddly enough when David first visits her apartment, there appears to be a calico cat sitting in the background. From here on out, though, the cat seen in her apartment is a tabby and no calico is ever seen again, so it’s not clear if the calico was replaced or if Rafi is supposed to own two cats.

Prime - calico cat seen in background

Prime - tabby cat sitting on couch behind Rafi Uma Thurman and David Bryan Greenberg

When David moves into Rafi’s apartment, the cat is seen numerous times, usually being petted by David.

Prime - tabby cat sitting on couch with Rafi Uma Thurman and David Bryan Greenberg

Prime - tabby cat sitting on couch behind Rafi Uma Thurman and David Bryan Greenberg closer

Prime - tabby cat sitting on couch with David Bryan Greenberg

Prime - tabby cat walking on couch behind David Bryan Greenberg

At one point Rafi gives David a video game console. The cat is seen next to the television as David plays.

Prime - tabby cat sitting beside television set

In one scene David is hanging out with his friend Morris (Jon Abrahams), who is not supposed to be in the apartment. When Rafi comes home unexpectedly, David hides Morris in a closet. Morris is startled when he realizes the cat is there with him.

Prime - tabby cat close in closet

Morris offers the cat some beer, which the cat drinks (presumably it was water in the bottle, not actual beer).

Prime - tabby cat with mouth open and beer bottle

Prime - tabby cat licking at beer bottle

Prime - tabby cat gnawing at beer bottle with Morris Jon Abrahams animated gif

Prime - tabby cat being given beer by Morris Jon Abrahams

David is insisting no one is there when Rafi hears Morris sneeze. Morris comes out of the closet and admits he’s allergic to cats as the cat runs past him.

Prime - Morris Jon Abrahams exiting closet with tabby cat

The cat is last seen looking at Rafi longingly after she and David have broken up.

Prime - tabby cat close up

“Why don’t you call him, then?” Rafi suggests.

Prime - Rafi Uma Thurman looking at tabby cat

Final Mewsings: Cats don’t care what age your boyfriends are as long as they are cat-attentive.

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