Pop ‘im Pop (1950)

Warner Bros.
 Mel Blanc
Directed by: Robert McKimson

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Sylvester brags to his son, Sylvester Jr., about taking down a giant mouse, only to be confronted with baby kangaroo Hippety Hopper.

Cartoon Cats: The slobbering Sylvester had been a regular Looney Tunes character for some time but this short marks the first time his son, Sylvester Jr., would appear. Sylvester brags to Jr. about how he had gotten the best of a giant mouse before.

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat bragging to Sylvester Jr.

Sylvester even spits on his own son while talking!

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat spitting on Sylvester Jr.

Right on cue Hippety Hopper, who has hopped away from a local circus, appears behind Sylvester. So Jr. points out what he thinks is a giant mouse.

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester Jr. pointing

Sylvester is skeptical but freaks out when he sees the huge mouse behind him.

Pop 'im Pop - Hippety Hopper, Sylvester cat and Sylvester Jr.

Of course his son coerces Sylvester into fighting the mouse. “You wouldn’t want to destroy a child’s faith in his father.”

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat looking at sad Sylvester Jr.

Sylvester realizes he has to fight the mouse, but he doesn’t appreciate his son’s nagging encouragement.

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat shrugging

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat yelling at Sylvester Jr.

The rest of the short sees Sylvester being pummeled by the baby kangaroo, who is really mostly playing but still gets the better of the cat.

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat fighting Hippety Hopper with Sylvester Jr. watching

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat knocked out after being thrown into trash cans with Sylvester Jr. cheering

Pop 'im Pop - Hippety Hopper and Sylvester cat boxing

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat being pummeled by Hippety Hopper as Sylvester Jr. watches

In the end Sylvester chases Hippety back to the circus. He brags to Sylvester Jr. that he took care of the mouse. “Why I wish he was twice as big! With two heads! And four arms!”

At this point Gracie the kangaroo, a boxing kangaroo who is Hippety’s mom, hops out with Hippety in her pouch. Both Sylvester and Jr. beat a hasty retreat. Jr. does not yet put a bag over his head and lament his shame in his father this time. That would come in future shorts.

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat with Sylvester Jr. outside tent

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat bragging to Sylvester Jr. outside tent

Pop 'im Pop - Sylvester cat sees Gracie kangaroo and Hippety Hopper with Sylvester Jr.

Final Mewsings: Even cats want to be proud of their papas!

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