Paintings That Live (1931)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Silent newsreel footage shows a kitten and a parrot playing with one another inside bird cage.

Reality Cat: The opening title explains, “Parrots and cats (or kittens) are either playful pals, or bitter enemies. These are pals.” The Bengal striped tabby kitten is outside the cage playing with the parrot who is inside. The entire scene is surrounded by an ornate frame to emulate a living painting.

Paintings That Live - tabby kitten playing with parrot in birdcage

The kitten is then seen locked inside the cage with the parrot. Another caption reads, ‘”Bird cages and beleagured cities,” a cynic once remarked, “are like marriages. Those outside want to get in, and those inside want to get out!”‘

Paintings That Live - tabby kitten sitting with parrot in birdcage

Paintings That Live - tabby kitten still with parrot in birdcage

Final Mewsings: The kitten would say he was framed!

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