Brubaker (1980)

Brubaker DVD

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
 Robert Redford, Everett McGill, Tim McIntire
Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg

Synopsis: Henry Brubaker (Robert Redford) is the new warden of an Arkansas prison farm who tries to improve conditions by working from within.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): In one scene a trustee named Eddie (Everett McGill) is seen holding a sleepy tabby kitten.

Brubaker - kitten sleeping in Eddie's lap

Brubaker - kitten waking up in Eddie's lap

Huey Rauch (Tim McIntire) approaches and tells Eddie to go mete out some discipline to school the new inmates. Eddie gets up and hands the kitten to someone else. The kitten is not seen again.

Brubaker - kitten in Eddie's Everett McGill lap as Huey Tim McIntire approaches

Brubaker - kitten held by Eddie Everett McGill lap

Final Mewsings: Seems there are a lot of cats doing hard time in movies!

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