Felix Minds the Kid (1922)

Pat Sullivan Cartoons
Directed by:
 Otto Messmer

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Felix the Cat is recruited as a babysitter by a fed up father.

Cartoon Cat: The cartoon begins with Felix trying to get some fish from a fish store. He is kicked out by the proprietor.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix kicked out of fish store

Spotting a barrel outside which reads “Fresh Today,” Felix tries his luck at fishing. Unfortunately all he gets is a crab pinching his tail.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix fishing with tail in barrel

On the verge of starvation, a frustrated father hears Felix’s cries and makes him a proposition. If Felix will watch the baby, the father will give him a good meal.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix agrees to babysit kid

Felix entertains the tot by playing with a ball.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix playing with ball for kid

Next Felix blows up a balloon but the kid cries, wanting to play with it.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix blows up balloon for kid

Felix gives the balloon to the baby but the tot puts it in his mouth and ends up blown up like a balloon. The kid then floats away.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix looking at blown up kid floating away

Felix chases the floating baby until a bird pops him and he falls back into the baby buggy.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix catches kid in baby carriage

Leaving to get some candy, Felix comes back to find the baby has gotten into a daycare center. Now he can’t tell which kids is the right one!

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix confused by large number of kids

Felix uses the candy to lure the right baby back to the house.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix luring kid with candy cane class=

Unfortunately Felix doesn’t realize that all of the babies have followed him. Needless to say the father is quite surprised!

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix shows father group of kids outside house

The father faints and Felix uses the candy cane to pop open an umbrella and float away.

Felix Minds the Kid - Felix floating away with candy cane umbrella

Final Mewsings: Felix could get a candy cane handled umbrella but no food?

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