Blackway (2015)

Blackway poster

Enderby Entertainment
 Julia Stiles, Ray Liotta, Anthony Hopkins
Directed by: Daniel Alfredson

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Lillian (Julia Stiles) moves to a logging town when her mother dies and seeks aid when a local crime boss starts to harrass her.

Kitty Cameo: At the beginning of the film Lillian is seen painting a windowsill. An orange tabby cat is at the foot of the ladder sniffing around the paint and dropcloth.

Blackway - orange tabby cat sniffing around paint and dropcloth

Blackway - orange tabby cat still sniffing around paint and dropcloth

A short time later Lillian sees that the cat has gotten into the paint and tracked it on the floor.

Blackway - orange tabby cat sitting on floor with paint pawprints around

She calls the cat stupid and picks her up, putting her outside. As she turns her back a man is seen in the doorway.

Blackway - orange tabby cat being picked up

Blackway - orange tabby cat being put outside

Kitty Carnage Warning!  In the following scene Lillian is in the Sheriff’s station with something bundled in a towel. It turns out to be the cat, which used to belong to her mother. The cat has had her head cut off. There is a shot of the cat’s headless body (a fake cat was obviously used).

There is one other quick flashback shot of the cat outside as the man who is about to her kill her approaches..

Blackway - orange tabby cat on lawn as man approaches

Final Mewsings: Another good argument for keeping your cats inside!

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