Noisy Noises (1929)

Hal Roach Studios
 Joe Cobb, Bobby ‘Wheezer’ Hutchins
Directed by: Robert F. McGowan

Synopsis: Poor Joe is stuck dealing with annoying noises while babysitting his screaming baby brother Rupert and watching over the bug killing Wheezer, all while nursing a terrible toothache.

Cat Burglar (Scene Stealer): The tabby cat which appeared in the Our Gang short The Spanking Age returns here for a quick cameo. When Joe runs into the kitchen to stop Wheezer from making noise, Wheezer and Pete the Pup have hidden themselves to avoid Joe’s wrath. While looking for them, Joe opens up the door to the icebox only to find the cat inside with frost on its whiskers.

Our Gang - Noisy Noises - tabby cat in icebox with frozen whiskers

Our Gang - Noisy Noises tabby cat in icebox with frozen whiskers animated gif

Joe grabs the cat by the scruff and pulls it out of the icebox.

Our Gang - Noisy Noises - Joe Cobb looking at tabby cat in icebox with frozen whiskers

Purr Blur: Later in the film the Gang have tied Joe’s sore tooth to a string with the other end tied to Pete’s collar. Pete sees a tuxedo cat and takes off running, effectively pulling out Joe’s tooth. The cat runs as Pete takes chase.

Our Gang - Noisy Noises - tuxedo cat

Our Gang - Noisy Noises Pete the Pup chasing tuxedo cat and pulling Joe Cobb's tooth animated gif

Final Mewsings: That is one cool cat!

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