Native Land (1942)

Native Land poster

Frontier Films
Narrated by:
 Paul Robeson
Directed by: Leo Hurwitz, Paul Strand

Synopsis: A docu-drama using film footage, photographs and recreated scenes to tell the story of the civil rights battles fought between corporate America and the fledgling unions.

Kitty Cameos: At the beginning of the first recreation, several animals are seen on a farm.  In one shot the farmer’s wife (Mary George) is seen feeding two dogs and a cat.

Native Land - farmer's wife Mary George feeding dogs and cat

Later in the film a cat is seen lying on a table next to a man who is printing papers in one of the union meeting places.

Native Land - cat on table next to man mimeographing flyers

Native Land - cat on table looking at man mimeographing flyers

Still later in the same room the man finishes one page and shoves it towards the cat’s face.

Native Land - man holding flyer up to cat's face on table

Final Mewsings: Cats aren’t interested in union literature.

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