Horrible Bosses (2011)

Horrible Bosses poster

New Line Cinema
 Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis
Directed by: Seth Gordon

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) are three friends who conspire to kill each others’ horrible bosses but things go awry from the very beginning.

Kitty Cameo: Nick’s boss is the maniacal Dave Harkin (Kevin Spacey). Nick and Kurt break into the man’s house to get information and don’t notice the large portrait on the wall showing Dave with his wife and a Bengal striped tabby cat.

Horrible Bosses - portrait of Dave Kevin Spacey with wife and Bengal striped tabby cat

They find out pretty quickly about the cat when it suddenly jumps on Nick’s shoulder in a classic spring-loaded moment.

Horrible Bosses - Bengal striped tabby cat jumps on Nick Jason Bateman's shoulder

In fact the cat jumps out three times in the same fashion throughout the movie, scaring Nick twice and also Dale.

Horrible Bosses - Bengal striped tabby cat ready to jump in front of Nick Jason Bateman's shoulder

Horrible Bosses - Bengal striped tabby cat jumping in front of Nick Jason Bateman and Dale Charlie Day

The cat also appears when Dave finds a cel phone underneath a couch in his home.

Horrible Bosses - Bengal striped tabby cat reaching under couch

Final Mewsings: Some cats are just naturally spring-loaded!

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