Shattered (1991)

Shattered poster

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
 Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins
Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen

Synopsis: Dan Merrick (Tom Berenger) survives a disfiguring car accident and suffers from amnesia which has him piecing together the shattered bits of his life only to find something doesn’t add up.

Kitty Cameos: Dan finds a bill for a pet store and goes there to learn what it is about. He meets the store’s owner Gus Klein (Bob Hoskins). When Dan walks in, Gus is dealing with an unhappy customer. A black cat can be seen sitting in a cage beside him (there is also a black cat on top of the cage in some shots).

Shattered - black cat in pet shop

Gus turns out to be a part-time detective and invites Dan back into his office to talk. In the office Gus has numerous puppies and animals which need special care. As Gus and Dan discuss their history together, a white cat with somewhat deformed ears is sitting behind Dan on a cat tree and is seen several times, even sniffing at Dan’s finger.

Shattered - white cat on cat tree beside Dan Tom Berenger

Shattered - white cat on cat tree sniffing Dan Tom Berenger's finger

Shattered - white cat on cat tree behind Dan Tom Berenger

Shattered - white cat on cat tree

Final Mewsings: Imperfect cats need a loving home.

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