Felix Gets Revenge (1922)

Pat Sullivan Cartoons
Directed by:
 Otto Messmer

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Felix the Cat rescues a boy from a dog and is promised a home for life but the boy’s father has other ideas.

Cartoon Cat: The short starts with a boy trying to steal apples from a yard and being chased up a tree by a dog. The dog gets hold of the boy’s pants when Felix spots the trouble and comes to the rescue.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix spots boy being attacked by dog

Felix fights the dog and finally uses his tail as a club to knock the dog out.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix hisses at dog as boy hangs from tree

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix hits dog with his tail

The boy is so grateful he promises Felix a home and carries him to his house.

Felix Gets Revenge - boy promises Felix a home

Felix Gets Revenge - boy carries Felix home

Unfortunately the boy’s father is a cat hater and throws Felix out immediately.

Felix Gets Revenge - father throws Felix out of home

The father also beats the boy and tells him no cats are allowed in the house.

Felix Gets Revenge - father tells boy that no cats are allowed

Felix does his famous thinking walk as he tries to decide what to do.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix's thinking walk

Felix uses his tail to screw a hole in the ground and gets back in the house that way.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix gets back inside the house

Noticing some flies dancing on the man’s head, Felix hits upon the idea of getting rid of them to make the father like him. He then hits the father on the head with a straightened question mark.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix notices flies on sleeping father's head

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix hits father over the head

The father hits Felix and he flies out of the house through the wall.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix is punched through a wall of the house

Undaunted, Felix calls up the boy’s house and then goes through the telephone line to get in.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix makes a phone call

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix dives into the telephone

Felix dances for the boy until the father sees them and chases Felix out again, this time with a shotgun.

Felix Gets Revenge - Felix dances for boy animated gif

Felix Gets Revenge - father sees Felix is back inside the house

The end of the short appears to be missing but apparently Felix gets his revenge by leaving stinky cheese in the house and drawing all the mouse there.

Final Mewsings: A cat who is determined to get in your house will get in your house.

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