Housing Problems (1935)

British Commercial Gas Association
Directed by:
 Edgar Anstey, Arthur Elton

Synopsis: This short film addresses the issues surrounding slum decay, clearance and low income housing replacements in England.

Reality Cats: Several cats are seen in and around the slums. The cats were probably favored to help control the rat population, which several tenants explain in their interviews.

Housing Problems - black kitten in slum apartment

Housing Problems - white and black cat outside slum apartment

Housing Problems - English shorthair eating something on ground

Housing Problems - English shorthair with slum tenants

Housing Problems - tabby kitten in background with child

Housing Problems - black and white cat in background

Housing Problems - black cat with woman

Housing Problems - tabby and white cat in background class=

Final Mewsings: Cats and people shouldn’t have to live like this.

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