Four-Footed Prettiness (1937)

British Pathé

Synopsis: Newsreel footage shows an interesting variety of different breeds of cats in clips which have little or no relation to each other.

Reality Cats: While the narrative of this segment is sporadic at best, the shots of all the different types of cats are precious.

Four-Footed Prettiness - white cat

Four-Footed Prettiness - three cats on leads

Four-Footed Prettiness - tabby cats with kitten in box

There are even a couple of shots of dogs with cats.

Four-Footed Prettiness - cat and terrier in window

Perhaps someone realized they had enough various footage of cats to put together this “best of” compilation?

Four-Footed Prettiness - various kittens in a wicker basket

Four-Footed Prettiness - close up of pretty tabby

Final Mewsings: The visual obsession with cats is not a new phenomenon!

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