88 Minutes (2007)

88 Minutes DVD

Millennium Films
 Al Pacino, Tammy Hui, Vicky Huang
Directed by: Jon Avnet

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Forensic psychologist Jack Gramm (Al Pacino) receives a phone call saying he only has 88 minutes to live on the day a man he helped to convict is to be executed.

Kitty Cameo: At the beginning of the film we see two sisters, Joanie and Janie Cates (Tammy Hui and Vicky Huang), in their apartment. Janie goes to bed as Joanie feeds the cat. She sets a bowl of food on the floor and calls for Kitty to come. She doesn’t realize a killer has entered their home until it is too late. The long-haired gray cat is sitting on the window sill outside the apartment looking in as the killer hoists Joanie to hang upside down with ropes and pulleys.

88 Minutes - long-haired gray cat outside window

The cat watches as the killer begins to hurt Joanie then stats meowing, which makes Janie get up and she, too, becomes a victim.

88 Minutes - long-haired gray cat looking in window

88 Minutes - long-haired gray cat looking in window from outside

The killer puts the bowl of food on the outside windowsill to appease the cat as he continues with his work.

88 Minutes - long-haired gray cat eating dry food from bowl in windowsill

Fortunately for Janie, Kitty starts to meow again in earnest. As the killer goes to the window someone outside yells to shut up the cat and Janie screams, scaring the killer away.

88 Minutes - long-haired gray cat meowing on windowsill

Final Mewsings: Cats can provide much-needed distraction.

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