Nameneko (circa 1980s)

Synopsis: Created by photographer and artist Satoru Tsuda, this is a video version of his famous Namen Nayo (aka Nameneko, not to mention Perlorian) cats set to a song (apparently called Please Once Again).

Featured Felines: Anyone who watched Night Flight regularly in the 1980’s is sure to remember this video featuring several cats and kittens dressed in various outfits, first appearing as a rock band and then hanging out at a local biker bar.

Nameneko - groupie cat in front of cat band

Nameneko - rebel cat band close

By all reports the cats used for this video, as well as the ones used in Tsuda’s many photo shoots, were not coerced, drugged or in any way made to be uncomfortable.

Nameneko - rebel cat band

Nameneko - orange and white kitten bartender

The Nameneko craze was huge in Japan and some items were released in the U.S. but most people here only know them from this video.

Nameneko - tabby kitten in sunglasses

Nameneko - tuxedo cat in rebel outfit

Final Mewsings: We usually don’t go for cats in clothes but this is a classic.

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