I Haven’t Got a Hat (1935)

Warner Bros.
Directed by:
 Friz Freleng

Cat Out of the Bag Alert!  This review contains some spoilers for this film!

Synopsis: Recital Day at the schoolhouse sees several students reciting and performing with various levels of success.

Cartoon Cats: This cartoon is notable because it was the first screen appearance of a soon-to-be famous character, Porky Pig. But it was also the debut of several other animated characters including Beans the Cat. Beans is a little black cat with a tough guy attidude. He is introduced in the opening while stealing some jam and then sticking his tongue out at the camera after having been caught.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat introduction

In the classroom there are a few cats present, one in a bonnet who is Little Kitty and two smaller kittens sitting two desks behind.

I Haven't Got a Hat - animals in classroom waiting recital

Beans has to nudge Porky to get his attention that it’s his turn to go up and recite.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat nudges Porky the Pig

Next Little Kitty takes the stage, very reluctantly.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Little Kitty pushed on stage

She nervously recites Mary Has a Little Lamb with prompts from her teacher, Miss Cud, but she is a nervous wreck the entire time she’s onstage and she ends by running far away.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Little Kitty scared on stage

Beans is seated behind Oliver Owl who is eating a bag of candy and refuses to share.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat angry with Oliver Owl over candy

When Oliver gets up to play piano he forgets the candy. Beans tries to reach the bag but Oliver comes back for it and sneers at him.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Oliver Owl returns for candy and sneers at Beans the Cat

Wanting revenge, Beans sneaks outside and climbs a ladder to look in the schoolroom. A non-anthropomorphic black cat is sleeping on the ladder.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat on ladder looking in classroom with black cat beside

Beans picks up the cat and puts it inside the piano.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat puts black cat into piano

Beans then spots a dog and puts it inside the piano as well.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat sees dog

The piano playing gets out of Oliver’s control but is a hit with the audience until the dog and cat emerge in a chase. And it’s the cat who is chasing the dog!

I Haven't Got a Hat - Oliver Owl surprised by cat chasing dog

Beans has a good laugh at Oliver, who then squirts him with his fountain pen.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat laughs at Oliver Owl

Beans falls and knocks over some paint which flies inside and Oliver ends up covered in paint. As the short ends the two make up.

I Haven't Got a Hat - Beans the Cat covered in green and Oliver Owl covered in red shake hands

The studio was trying to come up with a new star and at the time Beans was the odds on favorite to succeed and appeared in several shorts after this one.

Final Mewsings: Cats aren’t above using other cats to get revenge.

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