Musical Cats (2007)

Directed by: Oha

Synopsis: A short animated film by Russian animator Oha as a final student film.  A male cat tries to win the heart of a lovely female, resorting to perserverence when all else fails.

Cartoon Cats: The male cat is a kind of wandering troubador and when he sees the female cat it is love at first sight.

Musical Cats - male cartoon cat playing guitar

The female housecat is just lovely but has her ideal love in mind and finds little to attract her to the male cat.  She is especially not impressed with his music.

Musical Cats - lovely female cat lying on couch

The male tries several things, like picking flowers and waiting in the rain.  Just when all seems hopeless, love may yet triumph.

Musical Cats - male gray cartoon cat staring at window falling at him

Be sure to watch after the end credits for a cute final tag.

Musical Cats - male and female cartoon cats silhouetted against night sky

Final Mewsings: Cats are romantic.

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